NT Challenge: Matthew 5-7

This passage is often referred to as the Sermon on the Mount. It is a collection of Jesus’ teachings that really sets the stage for what He will do in the rest of His ministry.

Before you read through, take a few minutes to pray about what God wants to teach you in this moment. What things does Jesus teach us in this sermon that we can use today?

One of the most important things Jesus does in the Sermon on the Mount is to emphasize the way our intentions cause us to sin. For Jesus, sin comes from our intention, not just our action; so, we commit the sin of adultery when we lust after another person. This means that we don’t have to do the law perfectly, but we must have a clean heart in order to “be perfect, as the Father in Heaven is perfect.”

What are your intentions? In what ways can you pray for God to make your intentions more like His?


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