NJ Missions Trip Needs

Each student should bring the following:

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil
Work clothes – these are clothes you may want to just throw away after the trip
Other clothes – clothes you are comfortable in
Toiletries – toothpaste, deoderant, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, whatever else you need
Pillow and sleeping bag/bedding
Shoes – don’t plan to work in flip flops or sandals. And, they prefer if you have boots.

We also need the following items, if you have them:
Monkey Wrench
Chop Saw
Hard Hats
Basic First Aid Kits
Ear Protection – plugs
Circular Saw
Saw All
Construction-style Trash Bags
· Still bring a cooler and a water jug, 1 of each for every adult in your group.
· Work Gloves for every participant
· Work Boots (no sandals or flip flops) for every participant
· Safety Goggles (not glasses) for every participant
· N95 Respirator for every participant
· Tyvek Suits (your clothes will be getting super dirty!)


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